Pork Shoulder Recipe

Nutrition and taste of pork have not been hidden facets. It is considered to be a celebrated source of protein and is common delight among foodies. However, pork shoulder needs to cooked under utmost care, giving it enough hours to turn out a delicacy. In this recipe, we take a look at how a smoked pork shoulder is pulled off on a charcoal grill. Not to recall, smoky is flavor is something everybody is obsessing over. Let us add the health and the flavor together to come up with a culinary jewel. Here is how to do it.

The time required

This process is going to be tedious. You may long to see the destination as soon as possible but rest assured the end product would quench every thirst. Roughly, smoked pork shoulder requires a preparation time of about 12 hours and a cook time of about 8 hours. The total time would be a staggering 20 hours.

Ingredients required

For the shoulder:

  • About 5 to 7 pounds of pork shoulder, bone-in
  • About 7 pounds of charcoal
  • You can choose a barbecue rub

For the sauce:

  • A tablespoon of cayenne pepper
  • A tablespoon of black pepper
  • 2 cups filled with white vinegar, preferably distilled with these ingredients arranged for, you all set to move forward with the rest of the recipe.

 Let us see what it takes – The cooking procedure

Let’s go!

  • You need to use the rub of your choice on the pork shoulder a night before it is smoked. Having rubbed it, place it in the fridge overnight.
  • Soak some wood briquettes for about thirty minutes on the day of cooking. You can use hickory chips.
  • Use charcoal briquettes to start the flame on your smoker.
  • Use some vegetable oil to grease the grates.
  • Place your pork shoulder on to the grill, preferably rake the briquettes into opposite sides of the grate and the meat goes to the middle of your grill.
  • Temperature has to be maintained at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that you keep a check on the charcoal content all through the day, preferably at every hour add some pieces of charcoal.
  • While opening the lid for adding more charcoal, moisten the meat at regular intervals. This also enhances flavor.
  • Note the internal temperature of the meat.
  • When it reaches about 185 degrees F, use aluminum foil to wrap the meat.
  • Continue cooking for some more time until the inserted thermometer reads about 195 degrees F.
  • At this point, the meat and bone should be falling apart.
  • Remove the bone from the meat and cleave it into thin and tender shreds.
  • Here, your smoked shoulder is ready.

This brings an end to the tedious process of smoking. Ideally, the smoking process would take about 8 hours. After this time has elapsed, you can savor the smoky flavor of your pork shoulder. Now, get moving, on your toes and smoke!

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