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Unique Kitchens with Character

Bert & May Kitchens is an exciting partnership with local architects Red Deer. Using Bert & May's unique materials and Red Deer's innovative design, this collaboration offers a range of coordinated or standalone kitchens to fit a wide variety of needs. The Bert & May Kitchen frames are engineered to offer functionality, simplicity and flexibility and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The modular system allows you to choose your own configuration of frames, or have a fully operational, coordinated kitchen. You can select your choice of taps, hobs and sinks and choose from Bert & May's incredible library of wood and tiles to give your modular kitchen a truly unique finish.

Our range

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The collaboration

Bert & May and Red Deer have come together on this project in an effort to bring innovation design back to its foundations. Joined by their common belief that modern design relies too heavily on gadgets and latest technologies in order to sell, they have stripped the design right back to a minimalist state and relied on the most important element of cooking for the first - fire. This collaboration offers a marriage of Bert & May's tactility and warmth with Red Deer's innovation and creative attention to detail whilst handing over the final design to you.